Kingdom_Child LLC

"We address the IMPACT not the problem"

What type of services do we provide:

A. Emotional Support 

1. We support you in creating a safe Atmosphere around your emotions and feelings. 

2. A safe person to process your emotions and feelings with in real time 

3. Support in cultivating a "strong and healthy relationship" with yourself.

4. Support in creating a plan of action towards living an emotionally healthy lifestyle.

What tools and resources do we use to support you during these services:

 A. You

 B. Information 

 C. Emotional Language (EL)

 D. Experiential Language (EL)

A. Primarily YOU. As an Emotional Health Advocate (EHA) our aim is to be relational, organic and supportive in order to create a safe atmosphere for you to discover, explore, understand, and learn how to improve your emotional health. 

B. Awareness is a vehicle your EHA uses to address the emotional impact rather than the cause of the emotional impact. 

C. Emotions have a language and they're always speaking to you

D. Experiences have meanings and they often impact your quality of life 


Raising Emotional Health Awareness